Nova: 2009 Competition/Research Vehicle


Nova is the next generation of CUAUV submarines. Expandable and capable of both close in maneuvering and long range sensing missions, it is a transition vehicle between competition missions and CUAUV's new research based open water focus.

2009 Journal Paper

Pictures of Nova and its various systems.

Key stats:

Depth rating: 100 or 500 ft

Max speed: 1.2 Knots

Weight: 35 kg (78 lb)

Length: 50 inches

Run time: 2-4 hours


  • Doppler Velocity Log
  • Temperature sensor
  • Custom passive acoustic sensor (hydrophone)
  • Guppy downward facing camera
  • Logitech forward facing camera
  • Forward-facing Tritech Altimeter
  • TCM2 compass
  • 3DMG-X1 sensor
  • Depth sensor
  • GPS system (for surface positioning)


  • Cantilever rack system
  • External cameras
  • Expandable payload
  • Custom underwater connectors
  • Both Ethernet and Fiber Optic tethers
  • Reliable power system
  • Hot swappable battery pods
  • Exchangeable competition and deeper water hulls
  • Strafing thrusters
  • Reliable sealing system
  • Superstructure to improve vehicle safety
  • Wet mate-able tether
  • Seacon connectors