TRANSDEC, We Meet Again

Tuesday July 29th, 2014. Squad of 13 ambitious and eager souls set foot in TRANSDEC, the acoustic testing facility for Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center. With the new policy enforcing randomized early practice slots among the first few teams that arrived before 5:30AM, there was no more of a mad-rush to arrive at the gates of TRANSDEC. The usual sunrise and the dawn dew of TRANSDEC welcomed us to the 2014 competition.

Mandatory photo shoot of TRANSDEC

The crew unloaded our tools, unpacked Gemini, and set our banners high in our tent. Just like all other teams, we were excited for the opportunity but also anxious about the challenges to face in the following week.

Hello, San Diego!

A few rerouted flights and airport switches notwithstanding, the second group of CUAUV members arrived late last night, partook in burritos, and quickly made their way to beds. We all got up this morning at a fairly reasonable hour (likely for the last time this week), acquired breakfast, and put fully-assembled Gemini in the small outdoor hotel pool for a brief spot of testing.

On our way to our hotel in San Diego. New scenery from the Ithaca farms and mountains.

Trim was adjusted and controls were tuned (slightly); luckily, mostly due to shipping the sub whole this year, only minimal adjustments were necessary. We also tested the critical "GoStraight" mission, necessary for semifinal qualification, and determined that the sub could, in fact, go straight.

2014 Competition Video

After much filming and editing, our competition video is finally here!

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed making it. Once again, we would like to thank all our alumni and sponsors for making our team possible. We're looking forward to seeing everyone in San Diego in 4 weeks!

CUAUV Video Filming

CUAUV has been testing in the campus pool, Teagle Hall, six nights per week in preparation for RoboSub. We are also working hard on putting together our 2014 Competition Video. The team has experimented with different lighting and visual effects, which has led to a fun, creative, and challenging experience. Keep an eye out for the video this weekend!

CUAUV Attends AUVSI's Unmanned Systems 2014

Several members of CUAUV were invited by the AUVSI Foundation to attend AUVSI's Unmanned Systems 2014 conference, and showcase our new autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) - Gemini - in the AUVSI Foundation/Student Pavilion.

Attending the Unmanned Systems Conference was a valuable experience, allowing us to meet up with many of our current sponsors, pursue future sponsors, and showcase Cornell’s newest AUV to many industry experts. The conference brings together around 8,000 leading experts in autonomous maritime, underwater, air, and ground vehicles. Sharing ideas with these industry professionals will also give us an opportunity to gain some of their expertise, and apply that to our own engineering practices. We will also had the opportunity to attend many different talks and special interest presentations.

In addition, we were interviewed by and featured on EngineeringTV! You can see the video at

Orange County Convention Center


CUAUV Hosts Boy Scouts Robotics Workshop

CUAUV and CUAir co-hosted the Boy Scouts Robotics Workshop for scouts around the Ithaca area to earn their Robotics Merit Badge. 17 scouts came to Cornell's campus to learn about robotics and engineering, and then build their own SeaPerch submarines! Both the scouts and CUAUV/CUAir team members had a lot of fun building the submarines and then testing them in a pool outside.